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March 4, 2014

Success Story: Becky

When Becky came to The Arc in 2005, she was very shy and was uncomfortable around new people.  She was fearful to go to new places in her community.  Her staff worked closely with Becky to help her overcome her fears and she started to come out of her shell.  Over the years, she has started to enjoy trying new things and going to new places.  She has learned to cook meals for herself.  She enjoys exploring the city, going to local festivals, going to shows and activities in Branson, trying new restaurants and meeting new friends.  She went to Disney World for a week’s vacation.  She often tells her staff she has a lot of fun and enjoys her life.

Becky works full time for SWI Industrial Solutions.  She has learned to do many different jobs at SWI.  Becky’s supervisors are very complimentary of her work.  Becky just received a Service Award from SWI for 12 years of service.

When Becky is asked what she likes best about her services with The Arc she always says, “My Staff!”