Employment Services

At The Arc, we understand and value providing comprehensive solutions to employment questions asked by individuals with disabilities – questions like: “What is a good job for someone with a disability?”, “How does a disabled person find a job?”, and “Are there opportunities for people with disabilities seeking flexible jobs and hours?”. Our goal is to prepare and equip people to find employment that they’re passionate about.

Employment Support for Individuals with Disabilities

The Arc of the Ozarks is an employment-first organization. We believe each person deserves an opportunity to discover independence through employment. Sometimes independence looks like at-home online jobs for disabled individuals, and other times independence means finding a wheelchair-friendly workplace with the right accommodations.

No matter the case, we are dedicated to providing individuals with the support they need to find the best employment opportunity to fit their needs. Individuals interested in receiving employment services need to obtain referrals from the Department of Mental Health or Vocational Rehabilitation. Learn more about how our Employment Specialists can help you in your job search.

Job Coaching

Helping Individuals with Disabilities with Jobs & Workplace Success

We believe that anyone who wants to work, can work. When utilizing our Job Coaching services, people are supported on and offsite by trained staff that are there to walk step-by-step with an individual to learn the tasks of their job.


Specifically, our Job Coaches offer career counseling, instruction and guidance in specific skills, workplace behavior techniques and other support for entering the workforce.

Job Development

Finding the Right Jobs for Individuals with Disabilities

Job Development sets the stage for sustainable employment success for both individuals with disabilities and business partners within the community. Companies that hire adults with disabilities for sustainable jobs are the kind of companies The Arc is passionate about collaborating with.


This service supports individuals in preparing for and securing competitive, integrated employment. We do this by assessing their background, skills and vocational interests and matching those to job openings in the community.


We focus on creating mutually beneficial relationships with our partners as well as those receiving services. For instance, if you are a senior or veteran with a disability, we will find a way to ensure the best possible job match for both the employee and employer.

Prevocational Services

Equipping Individuals with Disabilities with Job Skills Preparation

For people with a goal of achieving community employment but who may need additional support to work on job readiness skills, we offer Prevocational Services.


These services assist people with developing general, non-job-specific skills that contribute to their goals of achieving competitive, integrated employment. These skills are also known as “soft skills" or "employability skills” and can assist individuals in making reasonable and continued progress towards their vocational goals.

Career Planning

Making a Career Plan for Individuals with Disabilities

For many individuals, Career Planning is the first step toward determining a person's vocational goals as well as their conditions and preferences for employment.


With the assistance of a trained employment staff, individuals will complete detailed community-based assessments, job shadowing, informational interviews and other community-based activities. We work with each individual to develop their personal career plan and determine their desired vocational path. We also help them identify the supports needed to reach their employment goals.

Transitional Services

Post-Graduation Employment Support for Individuals with Disabilities

As a student nears graduation, it is important for them to obtain as much information and work experience as possible to prepare for employment after high school.


Employment Solutions assists students with building skills, identifying their vocational goals and developing an employment plan for the future. Job shadowing, informational interviews, benefits planning and paid work experiences are just a few of the services provided.


Along with these services, each year Employment Solutions participates in the Summer Work Experience Program which is funded by Vocational Rehabilitation. The SWE Program is a 6 week, paid employment program for students entering their Senior year of high school.


Students have the opportunity to work at an area business of their choice in order to learn valuable employment skills that will assist them in becoming successful in post-graduation employment. The SWE program occurs annually between June and July.

A.M. Donuts & Coffee

Building Employment History for Individuals with Disabilities

The Arc of the Ozarks owns and operates A.M. Donuts & Coffee as an opportunity for individuals with disabilities to gain real-world work experience.


To learn more, visit their website: amdonutsandcoffee.com

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Eligibility for employment services is obtained through a referral from the Department of Mental Health or Vocational Rehabilitation. Contact The Arc for more information.