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Special Education Services

At Rivendale Institute of Learning and Center for Autism, our prime objective is to help all students seeking education become independent young adults who can successfully navigate a variety of mainstream situations.

About Educational Services for Students with Disabilities

Whether a student needs 1:1 instruction or wants experience learning in a real world setting, The Arc of the Ozarks provides opportunities to engage students with disabilities in a variety of ways. Learn more about our Rivendale Institute of Learning below.

Rivendale Institute of Learning and Center for Autism

Alternative Education in Springfield, MO

Rivendale is a private program located in Springfield, Missouri dedicated to the growth and development of children with disabilities. It offers families an alternative to public education that allows students to explore their full potential.

A School for Children with Autism

As a leading school for children with autism, Rivendale is committed to providing exceptional special education services. Our educators are trained in the latest educational strategies to ensure that each child receives the personalized attention they deserve. By embracing the principles of special education, we empower our students to reach their highest potential in both academic and social domains.

Focused on Each Individual

Our team understands the unique social and educational needs of children with disabilities. We offer students the tools they need to enhance their natural gifts. This means special education programs are tailored to each child’s skill set.

Missouri DESE Approved Facility

Our private facility is approved by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and allows students to explore their potential and achieve their full capabilities. Academic programming is aligned with state and district curricula and integrated technology.

For information on admission requirements and availability, give us a call at our Springfield campus at 417-864-7921 or for more information.

Meet The Team:

Colleen Quinn, Ph.D., Psy.D.

Director of Rivendale

Mary Margreiter, CTRS

Assistant Director of Rivendale


For information on admission requirements and availability, please contact us at 417-864-7921 or