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Autism Services

Autism Programming

The Arc focuses on building meaningful relationships and adaptive skills through appropriate social interaction. Core components include specialized staff training specific to supporting people with autism: communication, sensory, safety, behavior alternatives, physiological concerns and common deficiencies related to Autism Spectrum Disorders.

CounterPoint Program

Assisting Individuals with Autism


Our CounterPoint Residential Program offers supported living for adolescents and adults with autism. Residents have the opportunity to live as independently as possible while participating in activities of interest. We empower them to maintain valued relationships and participate as active and respected members of the community.


Residential Supports are provided in leased homes in local neighborhoods and communities. Individuals have access to 24-hour direct support staff, working with them to achieve their goals and track progress.

Saturday Respite

Short-Term Relief for Primary Caregivers


The Arc provides supervised respite care one Saturday per month available in our Monett Division. The program offers a much-needed break for families of teens and young adults with autism, for whom daily living demands constant planning and juggling. High healthcare costs often leave few funds for daycare or respite opportunities.


The Respite Program is based on a socio-recreational model that is both consistent and structural. It lets individuals make choices while learning how to respond to persons and situations in a natural environment.


In order to participate, individuals must be eligible and receiving services through the Missouri Department of Mental Health Developmental Disabilities Division

Family & Community Services

In-Home Support for Individuals with Autism

The Arc offers in-home, community-based and clinic-based support for individuals receiving Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services.  This helps people with autism achieve greater levels of independence.


Our direct staff works closely with families and ABA professionals to provide training on daily living skills and other individualized goals. 

Services include positive behavior supports that are tailored to the needs of each individual and their family.

Meet The Team:

Kelley Sikes

Director of CounterPoint

Sara Ibbetson

M.S., BCBA, LBA, Director of Applied Behavior Analysis


Do you need resources for children, teens or adults with autism? Get in touch to learn more about our autism services.