Community Living

Everyone deserves a place they can call home. The Arc provides a variety of Individualized Supported Living options.

Independent Supported Living Services

Community Living services are provided in a variety of living settings such as Independent Supported Living (ISL) and Group Homes to fit your needs, all staffed by team members who are fully trained in a range of skills. Our goal is to support individuals to be as independent as possible within our community. Learn more about our community living options that we provide.

Residential Program

About The Arc’s ISL Homes & Residential Group Homes

Our Residential Program offers a variety of supports to provide the most independence possible and meet individuals where they are. Whether a person desires Individualized Supported Living (ISL), a Group Home or has medical needs that require greater care and support, The Arc has choices to meet your needs.


We provide the social support and direction that people may need in order to live in their own home. We support each individual so they can reach their greatest level of independence.

CounterPoint Program

Individualized Supported Living for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders

CounterPoint Residential Program offers supported living for adolescents and adults with autism to assist them in living as independently as possible. It also gives them the opportunity to engage in activities of interest, maintain valued relationships and participate as active and respected members of the community.


CounterPoint Residential Supports are provided in leased homes in local neighborhoods and communities. We offer 24-hour staff supervision to help the individual implement their goals and monitor progress. Core  components of our Residential Program are ensuring needs are met, promoting self-determination and respecting choices in the least restrictive environment possible.

Crowhaven Apartments

Affordable Housing for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

People with developmental disabilities can find affordable housing at Crowhaven Apartments. We promote independent living along with supervision and supports that enable residents to meet personal goals.

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Entrance Criteria

All residents must meet the following requirements:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Employed or actively seeking employment with available support services.
  • Eligible for services through the Department of Mental Health.
  • Capable of self-care, including self-medication, with minimal assistance.
  • Have a desire to become more independent.

How To Apply

Are you interested in living at Crowhaven? If so, you’ll need to complete the following steps:

  • Complete Crowhaven application form.
  • Participate in social activity with Crowhaven tenants.
  • Provide The Arc of the Ozarks with two letters of reference that indicate you have been a good neighbor and are respectful of property.
  • Complete HUD application process.
HUD Form 92006 is a required supplement to this application for Federally Assisted Housing. Please fill out the form, sign and date it at the bottom and mail it to:
Sandra Umfleet
The Arc of the Ozarks
1501 E Pythian St
Springfield, Mo 65802
  • Have interview with or be reviewed by Crowhaven Board.

Need Information?

Would you like to learn more about Crowhaven Apartments? Contact us with questions or to schedule a tour.

Remote Supports

Assistive Technology & Support for Persons with Disabilities

We use Remote Support Technology to promote independent living for individuals with disabilities. Remote Supports is an innovative system with a variety of technology options. This assistive technology supports individuals from an off-site location to empower community living without in-person staffing.

Remote Supports are best suited for individuals who can be virtually supported through technology with off-site staff available 24/7. Remote Support Services offers individuals with opportunities to learn and practice self-reliance and manage their activities of daily living on their own.

Renovations Program

Living Assistance for Individuals with Intellectual Developmental Disability (IDD)

Our Renovations Program serves individuals with co-occurring developmental disability, psychiatric disorder and/or significant behavioral challenges in a community-based setting.

Our team is committed to developing interpersonal connections through a supportive, community-based residential setting that meets the unique needs of each individual.

We assist individuals as they navigate the challenges that come with a co-occurring diagnosis. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that no one has to walk through life alone. Through developing relationships, we empower individuals to gain the confidence they need to build the life they wish to live.

Meet The Residential Supports Team:

Ross Tracy

Director of Residential Supports

Tena Morrow

Director of Residential Supports

Abby Simek

Assistant Director of Residential Supports

Jennifer Weldon

Director of Renovations

Mihai Iacob

Assistant Director of Renovations 

Zach Troutman

Assistant Director of Renovations 

Kelley Sikes

Director of CounterPoint Residential Services 

Treanna Dougherty

Assistant Director of CounterPoint Residential Services


Do you need information on Community Living services for people with disabilities? Get in touch with us today!