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July 30, 2015

The Cost of Autism on The Rise

It is no secret throughout the Ozarks and the country that the cost to diagnose and treat children with autism is staggering and constantly on the rise. While we hope to raise funds for our organization to support our individuals with autism, we also want to raise awareness about this disorder and the impact it is having on families throughout our communities. The Arc of the Ozarks supports individuals with autism in many different ways and hopes to help reduce the cost to families looking to support their loved ones. A couple of the ways we support children and adults with autism is through the Rivendale Institute of Learning and Center for Autism, as well as, CounterPoint Autism Services. Both programs focus on the specific needs of each person and helping them to be successful members of the community. The article below is a great eye opener for people who may not know about autism and the true need for further funding, so that individuals diagnosed with autism can receive the best treatment possible. 

Link to article