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May 12, 2016

Thank you!!

On May 3, The Arc of the Ozarks raised a total of $48,705.07 through 336 gifts, which includes pre- and post-event donations from Board members, staff, and community partners, as well as a generous match from The Arc of the Ozarks Foundation. Total money raised for all participating agencies on May 3 was $1,186,794.64.

Your gift on May 3 is helping The Arc of the Ozarks build an inclusive accessible playground for our students at Rivendale Institute of Learning and Center for Autism. An inclusive playground provides critical support to students physical, social, and emotional development. It allows children to engage with one another and helps children with and without disabilities to discover that they are competent, capable, and able to foster friendships. Ultimately a new playground will benefit student’s health and wellness, while fostering their creativity and imagination.

Thank you to everyone who came out to our swing-a-thon and gave 30 minutes to raise awareness of Give Ozarks Day. Every 30 minute slot from midnight to midnight was filled with board members, staff and community members. It was a wonderful day of community collaboration and support.

Thank you for your dedication to The Arc of the Ozarks. We are extremely thankful for your gift.