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May 26, 2016

Graduation Day

Four years ago, Marcus and Dakota were not able to go to school without a Renovations staff person present in the classroom with them. Challenging behavior required them to receive intensive oversight and supports, even in a specialized classroom setting for those with behavioral challenges. Through partnering with the school, Marcus and Dakota were able to gradually reduce the amount of time the Renovations staff present in the classroom. These two gentlemen learned coping and communication skills, and were eventually able to attend classes on their own. They began to attend sporting events, and became a true part of the student body at their school. Dakota was even selected to participate in the Springfield Public Schools’ BASE program, where he worked at OCH Hospital during his Senior year of high school. On May 5th, Marcus and Dakota both graduated from high school with their families AND their Renovations staff present to cheer them on. We are so proud of the growth and maturity of these two young men, both of whom are currently working with Vocational Rehabilitation to find competitive employment, and excited to see them continue to strive towards their potential.