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June 29, 2016

No Limits: soaring to new heights

At the Arc, No Limits Summer Camp helps children and young adults with a variety of disabilities to have a summer filled with activities in a safe and fun environment. 

For 2 years, Kasey has spent her summers as a camp counselor at No Limits. This year, she takes on a new role, a Float, where she moves between different groups and activities to help wherever she’s needed. “I love all the kids,” Kasey said. “It’s a fun place to spend my summer. Amy and Liz make it a fun environment, and it doesn’t feel like work.”

Amy Holland, Director of Education and Recreation, along with Liz Leese, Assistant Director of Education and Recreation spend the first part of the summer training counselors and preparing for the arrival of campers.

No Limits Summer Camp has two separate sessions each summer with 70 children enrolled this year. The campers get to go out into the community each day of camp and do activities. The children will go to places like Firehouse Pottery, Dickerson Park Zoo and Incredible Pizza. Other activities include swimming, music therapy and watching movies.

Alexander, 13, has spent 3 years at No Limits. This year, he brought his own megaphone from home. He’s there in the morning helping with announcements and helping counselors at the end of the day during parent pickup.

Alexander really enjoys summer camp and being around his friends, but still can’t pass up the chance to give the floor a good mopping. His favorite activity he’s done so far? “All of them!”

For more information on this program, please contact Amy Holland at [email protected].