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June 23, 2016

Custom Wood Working by Ryan

Ryan joined the Arc of the Ozarks family in July of 2015. When Ryan joined our organization, he was taken into ISL placement. Ryan quickly adapted to all of the aspects of the Arc program. Ryan was quick to develop positive relationships with all of his staff and roommates. He has many different unique talents. One of which being a tremendous talent with wood working. He was able to set up a lot of his wood working tools in the garage to create a little work shop for him. Ryan would be in the garage working on various projects free handed. He even got to the point that with his guardians’ permission he was able to build projects for others by request for money.

Ryan had mentioned to staff that he would like to get a job so that way he could actually make some money doing what he loves to do. Ryan’s staff, QDDP and Service Coordinator helped him get involved with Vocational Rehabilitation. After just two short months of working with different job coaches, Ryan had the skills to go out and get his own job with no assistance. He now works for a custom cabinet maker in Ozark, MO called Dakota Cabinet Co. He has been working with this company since Feb. of 2016. Ryan works 3 days a week, and absolutely loves it. In the times that Ryan is off work he enjoys going fishing. Due to showing responsible behavior, he has been awarded one hour of unaccompanied time every day, with no supervision. Ryan has graduated from the standard ISL setting and was targeted to be accepted into the Progressions program in just 6 short months of being in our program. He shows staff time and time again that he is continuing to learn and grow.

One of his many successes is that he now administers his own medications. He is currently starting to work on budgeting his finances, learning about his bills, and scheduling his own appointments. Ryan has many goals in life that he is starting to understand are 100% obtainable with his positive attitude and determination. Ryan has a lot of involvement with his family at home and typically goes home to visit multiple times throughout the year. He will without a doubt continue to further himself, and eventually get to the point where he will be able to move out on his own with only minimal support for Progressions CI staff. Ryan has overcome so much and has nothing short of a bright future ahead of him.