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July 5, 2016

Attitude is Everything

David Miller is a very intelligent young man. He was a participant in services at the Newport Group home within Renovations back in 2010. David had problems with stealing which ultimately resulted in serving a few years with the Department of Corrections. David was released late 2015 at which time he was placed back in the Newport Group home. While at Newport, it was apparent that he wanted to have a different life. David was much more positive and ready to make a life for himself free of legal trouble. David did so well that he was selected to participate in the Progressions Program. David moved to a Progressions ISL in March of 2016. David came to Progressions as a young man with a very quiet, reserved personality. After some time however, David came out of his shell. David is now a big ball of smiles and is always trying to make his staff and roommates laugh. He loves to make friends and talk with staff. David will cook his own meals and do so without someone asking or directing him to do it. David has an hour of free time in the community, where he enjoys riding his bicycle. David was worried about having any time alone due to his past issues. David has already come to find that he is capable of making good decisions, independent choices and friends. David is now following a path that will, if continued, lead to his success as an independent person without supports. Most importantly, this is a path that David is choosing for himself.