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January 27, 2017

Reanna’s New Start

Reanna has received services from The Arc of the Ozarks since 2010. While living in Springfield, Reanna received intensive behavioral intervention service in both a Group Home and an Individualized Support Living arrangement. Staff, under the direction of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and a Licensed Psychologist, assisted Reanna in emotional regulation through the development and use of coping skills. Additionally, they provided emergency intervention and deescalation support in times that Reanna may become escalated. Though Reanna demonstrated some progress during the time she was receiving services in Springfield, she continued to struggle with safely expressing her frustrations. This resulted in aggressive behavior on some occasions.

In February 2016, the treatment team determined that a move to Kansas City, MO would be beneficial for Reanna- offering her a “new start”. Since this move, Reanna has shown remarkable progress. Not only has she not had any police contact or intervention, she has had no episodes of physical aggression for over a year. Additionally, Reanna has developed and utilized coping skills that allow her to express herself respectfully and responsibly. 

Due to her progress, Reanna no longer requires services from a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and her level of supervision has been decreased to allow her more independence. Additionally, Reanna has become competitively employed in the community. She works at Burger King as a Lobby Attendant, and has done so well there that her supervisor has increased her hours twice since she started a little more than six months ago. Reanna recently served at the Affiliated Provider Organizations’ Legislative Breakfast in Kansas City as a self-advocate for people with disabilities. She interacted positively with the legislators and other guests. 

Reanna has shown a marked change over the past year. She has become a responsible, contributing citizen of the community!