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July 13, 2017

The Arc’s LEAD Program Promotes Growth within Organization


The Arc is proud to announce a new program called LEAD at The Arc of the Ozarks. This program is designed to prepare Arc employees for career advancement through the development of leadership skills and promote a smooth transition from entry-level positions to positions in management and administration. LEAD will emphasize the importance of learning, empowerment, appreciation, and development as key components for success in leadership roles at The Arc. The program will include a formal application process, training opportunities, mentoring from a successful Arc leader and a group project. Successful completion of the LEAD program will result in priority selection for advancement opportunities. The program will consist of 6 full-day interactive training sessions over the course of one year on key leadership topics. Field assignments and meetings with a mentor will follow to ensure knowledge retention and application. At the end of the year the group will complete a proposal/ project to submit to our Leadership Team.

“We have some fantastic staff who are interested in moving up in the company, but still need to develop leadership skills to make a smooth transition.  What better way to show we appreciate our hard-working employees than to invest in preparing them for the future,” stated Lori Pace, Director of Training.  “I am excited about the opportunities this program provides for both personal and professional growth for our direct support employees. This program is something I have dreamed of starting for several years and I am grateful to our Executive Staff for making this dream a reality!”