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July 20, 2017

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Good things come to those who wait. This statement came true this week for Janice. Over the last few years Janice has been on the hunt for different volunteering opportunities. Not just anything would do as Janice really enjoys office type work. It has been a goal of hers to find something new that she would feel great about doing and could give back to her community.  Janice’s Shift Supervisor in her home, Kendra Ridpath, encouraged Janice and her 1 on 1 staff to be looking for new opportunities when in the community. This hunt took years and was an ongoing task during her weekly 1 on 1 outings.

Every Monday, Janice and her 1 on 1 staff, Susi Meredith, would go to the library to research volunteer opportunities. As it turns out that opportunity was right under their noses.  Recently during Janice’s weekly trip to the library Susi noticed a sign asking for volunteers at the library.  After doing a little research Janice along with her staff applied for the volunteer program.  Janice and Susi were accepted.  Janice is extremely excited and proud to be volunteering for Greene County Public Library. Her family and staff at The Arc of The Ozarks are extremely proud of her too.