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March 14, 2018

JMARK Staff Help Make Lasting Memories

Every girl wants to look their best for dates and Becky is no different. Becky was excited about “looking hot” for the Sweetheart Dance. The Sweetheart Dance is put on by the Education and Recreation Department and is fun night where individuals can come and dance the night away with friends. Staff helped Becky go shopping for a new dress, shoes and other needed items for the night. Becky enjoyed trying on six dresses before finding the “perfect one.” She then got prepped with hair, makeup and getting her nails done. This day was all about Becky. Becky arrived at the dance feeling like a princess, ready to dance and spend time with a special friend.

Some members of the local I.T. support business, JMARK, helped make this possible by making a donation. Thank you for helping to make this memory extra special for Becky!