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May 16, 2018

A Day of Pampering Means so Much

Most women love to be to be pampered and Becky is no different. Becky thought it would be great to make a day out of doing everything she loves, but even better. She started off the day with a stop at the spa for a manicure and pedicure.  Becky could not believe all the colors she could choose from and she was excited to learn she was able to have one color for her toes and another for her fingernails. During her pedicure she told the young man doing her toes, “I never had rocks rubbed on my legs before.”

After her spa treatment, Becky headed to Pizza Hut to meet a group of her friends. Becky was able to catch up with them and enjoy her favorite food, cheese pizza. After lunch, nothing says “pamper me” like shopping. She went to Hobby Lobby on both the South and North side of town. Along the way, she had a few stops in-between at another favorite, the Dollar Store. Becky’s highlight of the day was “all the attention from the guys at the spa,” along with the free coke & snacks. April was another great month – thank you J-Mark for investing in Becky’s life and allowing her to have special experiences like this.