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June 22, 2018

Five From The Arc Complete Rigorous LEAD Program

The Arc held the graduation ceremony for the first LEAD participants on June 20th. The LEAD program was designed to prepare Arc employees for career advancement through the development of leadership skills and promote a smooth transition from entry-level positions to positions in management and administration. LEAD emphasizes the importance of learning, empowerment, appreciation, and development as key components for success in leadership roles at The Arc. 

The program was rigorous, but five individuals from departments across the organization completed the program. These individuals include: Sarah Olson, Mary Wilcock, Jeff Crawford, Will Baker and Ryan Coleman. The program consists of 6 full-day interactive training sessions over the course of one year on key leadership topics. Field assignments and meetings with a mentor were key components to ensure knowledge retention and application. At the end of the program, the LEAD participants presented a communication plan to executive staff members with focus on policy, podcasts and developing a communication committee. 

“When I was promoted to a management position many years ago, The Arc invested in my leadership development by providing opportunities for learning and personal growth,” stated Lori Pace, Director of Training and Staff Development. “The LEAD program was designed to provide similar opportunities to prepare the next generation of leaders through a combination of classroom and experiential learning. It has been an honor and privilege to work with these new leaders and be a part of their personal and leadership journey. I am excited to see what the future holds for Will Baker, Ryan Coleman, Jeff Crawford, Sarah Olson, and Mary Wilcock!”

“What I have gained verses what I came to the program with, is quite a bit. It helped out a lot with my skills at leading a group of people or being a person that people look to as a leader,” stated Will Baker. “I am so glad I took the chance and applied for this great leadership program. The Arc of the Ozarks is taking the time to invest in all of us. That’s pretty cool!”  

The Arc is proud to continue the LEAD program into the future. More information on the next LEAD class will be released fall 2018.