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July 10, 2019

Victoria’s New Kidney

After a long road of being on dialysis, Victoria needed a kidney transplant. She had been on dialysis for 2 years before her transplant journey began. Victoria is an Arc client that was in kidney failure when she came to The Arc. Arc staff didn’t know why she was in kidney failure but knew something had to be done.

Victoria was tasked to to lose around 100 pounds to be eligible for transplant surgery, plus maintain a healthy weight. Victoria worked to lose the weight and maintain the weight loss. Her hard work paid off and this past April, she and her team visited a transplant committee in Tulsa. It was then that she was approved to be on a kidney transplant list.

Staff helped Victoria and supported her success by planning menus to follow her strict diet guidelines. Her staff also encouraged her to exercise as frequently as possible to help enhance the weight loss. The staff were with her through the high points and the struggles, always ensuring to be positive role models throughout the process.

“Victoria worked hard to get her transplant and she is very proud of herself,” stated Monett program supervisor, TaLisa Spain. “It took a team, a complete team, being on the same page for months and months to help see Victoria’s goal achieved.”

Victoria is planning to work when she’s healed and able. She also is hoping to work to become independent enough to be alone in her home.