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March 12, 2020

Socializing Adds Richness to Life

The Arc of the Ozarks believes that everyone should have the opportunity to live, work, learn and play in their community. In our Monett Division, we host a Monett Weekend group in which individuals benefit by doing activities within the Monett community. This is a story about Jaffon, an individual that wanted to get more involved, but needed a little support in accomplishing his goals:

Jaffon has been involved with the Monett Weekend Group for many years, however if there was a group retreat that involved going out into the community, he was reluctant to be involved and would cancel before each occasion.

With the help of staff support and guidance, Jaffon has shown a complete turnaround regarding socialization. He is the now one of the first to let staff know that he wishes to attend activities. This has been the case for him over the course of the last several months. Jaffon is now affectionately referred to as a “social butterfly”.

This is an example of how, with just a bit of encouragement and support, we can stand with our individuals while they direct their own lives to be valued members of the communities in which we all live.