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July 6, 2020

Using technology to increase independence

In the fall, Lauren began looking for jobs so she could increase her level of independence and eventually get her own apartment with reduced staffing. She began maintaining a self-regulated routine of daily chores and hygiene Lauren began working for Cox just before the pandemic began. She learned skills at her previous job at DCO that helped in her success. She worked until the statewide shutdown occurred. Fortunately, Lauren was able to continue getting paid and has done an outstanding job of saving her money to move into her own apartment.

Emily has been working hard on managing her diabetes. She has taken it upon herself to have staff assist her with watching and tracking her carbs to lower her blood sugar and she has been trying new recipes. While discussing the progress she has been making with her diet, Emily asked her guardian if she could begin pursuing reinstating her own guardianship. She had a mature conversation about what her needs are and acknowledged that she knows she still needs help in some areas. Since this conversation, Emily has been working on a letter to the judge to request limited guardianship for herself.

Due to their growth and independence, both ladies chose to participate in piloting a new remote monitoring system called Hearo in their home. To help prepare them for the launch of Hearo, the staffing in their home has been reduced to shorter hours. This has improved their ability to self-direct their daily lives. Both ladies are administering their own medications, have their own keys to their home and individual medication cabinets. They choose, plan and prepare their own meals and activities. They choose their activities whether it is hanging out at their home, going for a walk, talking on the phone, or just relaxing and enjoying their peaceful home. On Saturdays, both girls have only overnight staff. They both love their increased amount of independence Hearo can provide them.