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September 4, 2020

After a halt in employment amid COVID, employee is happy to resume

Robert has been working at McAlister’s Deli since early 2017 which is an achievement Robert is very proud of. Robert is a dishwasher for the restaurant and was working 2 shifts a week until he was offered more hours after about 2 years of employment with the company. Robert’s managers are very impressed with his work ethic and overall positive attitude. Robert was offered 2 additional weekly shifts but he decided to only accept 1 more shift a week in order to not overwhelm himself. While on-shift at McAlister’s, Robert receives support from a job coach who reports regularly to staff members that Robert does a phenomenal job at work completing job duties, staying on task, and completing extra delegations once completed with his own work. Robert expresses to his staff members often how much he loves his job and enjoys his coworkers.

When Robert was laid off in mid-March due to Covid-19, he was heartbroken and disappointed but maintained a hopeful outlook. Robert took the initiative to check in with his support team via phone call about every two weeks about the status of his employment until Robert received the awesome news that he would be going back to work August 12th. Robert missed 5 months of work due to the pandemic and regularly informed the people in his life over that time frame that he couldn’t wait to go back! Since going back to work, Robert has been excited every day for his work shifts and the opportunity to spend time with and interact with his coworkers.

Here is what Robert has to say:

Why is work important to you?

“’cause I like my coworkers, I enjoy making money, even though money isn’t the main thing, I still like hanging out there and I enjoy working with my job coach.”

How has the pandemic impacted work for you?

“It was terrible that I didn’t get to go to work for like 4 months. I really missed work and I didn’t like it at all that I was missing work. I really missed the employees and working at my job and making a paycheck.”

How did you feel when you found out you get to go back?

“I felt great, I was really excited!”

Is there anything else you want to share about your work experience?

“My job helps me be more independent and I enjoy making money.”

Robert’s manager, Heather (picture below), states, “Robert is such a good kid. We just love having him here so much; he holds a special place in my heart!”