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Category: End of Year Giving

Our end of year request

It is our mission to support individuals with disabilities in directing their own lives as valued members of the community. To achieve this goal, we rely on the generosity and support of individuals.

Our goal is to raise $20,000, so that we can expand the individuals served and services provided by the Mercy Autism Diagnostic Clinic. The Mercy Autism Diagnostic Clinic is a collaboration between The Arc of the Ozarks and Mercy Hospitals, serving as a resource to our community. The goal of the clinic is to support families from the point of initial contact and diagnosis through access to needed services in the community. Follow-up care is provided to ensure the best possible outcome for each child and family.

There is a high need for an autism diagnosis clinic in our community. Families who receive a diagnosis have doors opened to them including supports, therapies that insurance does not normally cover, access to waiver programs through the Department of Mental Health and early intervention tools. With your donation, we can help to shrink the wait time for these families seeking evaluations.

Your gift will ensure our clinic can consistently deliver high quality, family-centered research, care, and training to more children. To donate online, visit and click on donate in the top right.

How do we provide quality support? People like you, who see the value of everyone in our community and make the difference.

Please consider a charitable gift to The Arc. The enclosed infographic has additional details on the importance of early intervention and how your gift can make an impact. Thank you for your continued support.

Early Diagnosis Infographic.png