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Category: Monett Spotlight

The ladies of Summer Hill

Moving can be difficult for anyone, but especially if happens rather suddenly. Since the 1970’s, three ladies lived together in a group home in Kansas City. When The Arc was contacted about their previous provider retiring and closing their business, the team jumped into action. The Director of our Monett office, Sarah Meredith, and Vice President of Program Services, Clay McGranahan, met with the provider, the ladies at their home in Kansas City and their guardians to discuss the possibility of moving to a home in Cassville. The ladies and their guardians received a virtual tour of the home (due to COVID) and they fell in love with it!

To ensure the new home was ready for the ladies, items requiring repair were identified and decorations, furniture and other household needs were purchased. Once the home was ready, everyone packed up and moved to Cassville. Since the move, the ladies have been thriving! The Cassville community has embraced the ladies and they have made their new house a home in Cassville.

A fourth individual, Sara, now lives in the home as well. She came to The Arc as emergency respite due to COVID with her previous roommates. Initially, she was going live at Summer Hill for a month and then

relocate to another home in Bolivar. However, she liked her new home so much, she decided to stay. Now Sara attends day program, is developing new friendships and is thriving in her new home.

Sharroll, one of the original three, has blossomed as well. She vocalizes more and likes to laugh and joke with her staff. Staff members call her the “mother hen” because she checks on her roommates throughout the day.

“When the weather is nice, you will see the ladies rocking in a row of chairs on the front porch of Summer Hill,” stated Sarah Meredith. “They are an absolute joy and we are so thankful we were chosen to support them.”

“It is a great story of opportunity meeting preparation and the Monett team making this happen quickly,” said Clay McGranahan. “It was a great team effort. I’m very thankful for the Monett team and Sarah’s leadership and response. “

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